Market Research Services

We believe in the transformative power of research that offers valuable new insights, shapes innovative strategies and reveals important competitive opportunities. Every service we provide is designed to help our clients do one thing: to excel in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Our research services include:

market research

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Research Tools and Techniques

Secondary approaches: Identification and analysis of publicly available data, association data, or transactional data is available on a fee basis. Often secondary data analysis includes these sources: Census and American Community Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics, industry data, association data, and syndicated reports.

Qualitative approaches: In-depth interviews, focus group recruitment and moderation (face-to-face, telephonic, online), online bulletin board/moderated discussions, video and audio diaries.

Quantitative approaches: Email invite/web-based surveys, mobile intercepts, telephone surveys, postal mail surveys, choice-based modeling, online concept testing, field and tabulation solutions, advanced statistical analysis, data visualization, perceptual mapping, conjoint modeling and best/worst scaling techniques.

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Jim Krotz, Executive Director